Trash Rocket 3900

Trash Rocket 3900

Product Specs

Position from Building: 32ft. Feet
Hopper: Hydraulic Operated
Reach: 39ft.
Design: Telescopic Design
Mounting Method: Trailer Mounted

Trash Rocket 3900 Available for Sale in Chicago, Illinois

Are you looking for a new construction debris chute? Upgrade to a Trash Rocket 3900 from Rocket Equipment today. Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. carries these durable, efficiency-boosting machines for contractors throughout Chicago.

3900 Advantages and Specifications

The Trash Rocket 3900 is a beneficial product for contractors everywhere. The specifications for this equipment include:

  • Position: You can set up the Trash Rocket 3900 up to 32 feet away from the building you’re working on.
  • Hopper: The upper hopper is hydraulic operated and adjustable.
  • Reach: The Trash Rocket 3900 can reach rooflines up to 39 feet high.
  • Liner: There is a high-quality poly liner inside the chute and hopper.
  • Design: This model has a telescoping design.
  • Mount: The Trash Rocket 3900 is trailed-mounted.

The Trash Rocket 3900 is:

  • Easy to transport to, from and around your job site.
  • Simple for one person to set up in 15 minutes or less.
  • Useful for multiple materials, including slate, ballast, concrete tile and shingles.
  • Effective for protecting landscaping or other building and property features.
  • Designed with a completely enclosed chute to ensure everything reaches the dumpster.
  • Equipped with all-in-one controls on the base.

Using the Trash Rocket 3900

The Trash Rocket 3900 is a commercial-grade machine. You can use it for several roofing jobs, whether you are working on a home or public building. The Trash Rockets are ideal for roof removal and demolition.

This type of trash chute will help when you need to reach over different areas at your job sites, such as landscaping, sidewalks or canopies. It will also be helpful if you work in a place with hard-to-reach spots.

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Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. can get you a Trash Rocket for your next roofing job. It will help you work more effectively and quickly as you remove debris from your job site.

If you have any questions, please let our customer service team know, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Contact us online today to learn more about the Trash Rocket 3900.