Cast 830D

Cast 830D

Product Specs

Engine: Kubota D1305
Engine Power: 25 HP
Loader Width: 47 in
Capacity: 2,093 lbs
Boom Height: 116.61 in
Hydro Flow: 13.20 gal/min
Loader Weight: 2,557 lbs

The Cast Group has manufactured multifunctional articulated mini-loaders for two decades, and they are known for having some of the best specs out of the competition. The CastLoader line, designed in Mirano, Italy, is more versatile, compact and lightweight than other industry machines. Today, Cast is known for producing articulated mini-loaders in both cab-rear and cab-forward configurations. These versatile machines rise above the abilities of other landscaping and agricultural motor vehicles.

The CastLoader 830D is one of the most powerful models in the CastLoader 800 Series, which features all cab-rear configurations. This design allows the cab to remain stationary even while the front forks pivot. As part of the 800 Series, the 830D comes with a standard 11-function joystick, hydrostatic transmission and telescopic boom. For maximum traction, its tires have a wide tread that allows it to traverse any terrain easily.

CastLoader 830D Specifications

The durable CastLoader 830D can reach a lifting capacity of 2,093 lbs maximum. Its boom reaches a height of 116.61, and it weighs 2,557 lbs. This machine is powered by a reliable Kubota D1305 engine with 25 hp that can reach up to 9.94 mph, making it the fastest articulated loader in its series. It can be outfitted with an additional heated cabin, ergonomic joystick and safety gate.

With the right attachments, you can prepare your CastLoader 830D to work on any agriculture, construction or landscaping job site. The 830D is compatible with the following attachments:

  • Sand Buckets
  • Grappling Buckets
  • Low-Volume Buckets
  • High-Volume Buckets
  • Angled Buckets
  • Round Bale Clamps
  • Manure Forks
  • Pallet Forks
  • Snow Plows
  • Salt/Sand Spreaders

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