Cast 33TLX

Cast 33TLX

Product Specs

Engine Power: 25 HP
Loader Width: 48 in
Capacity: 2,095 lbs
Boom Height: 117.3 in
Hydro Flow: 13.47 gal/min
Loader Weight: 2,866 lbs

The Cast Group has been designing compact and multifunctional articulated mini-loaders for over 20 years. Cast was inspired to create their CastLoader series because they wanted to create versatile machinery that could be used in multiple industries. With their lightweight bodies, CastLoaders are light enough to tread on any material without damaging it, yet are still powerful enough to rise to the occasion of any job site. Cast Group offers dozens of multifunctional loaders for the construction, municipal, landscaping and agricultural industries.

The CastLoader 33TLX is part of the CastLoader 30 Series, which is Cast’s line of cab-forward articulated mini-loaders. With the cab located in the front, the CastLoader 33TLX pivots on the front of its cabin instead of the cab’s rear. As part of the CastLoader 30 Series, the 33TLX features an 11-function control joystick, hydrostatic transmission and telescopic boom. The 33TLX has maximum traction with a 4-wheel drive and works with various tire widths for rough terrains.

CastLoader 33TLX Specifications

The CastLoader 33TLX is the strongest in its class with a 2,095 lb lifting capacity and a 117.3-in boom height. With its hydrostatic transmission, the CastLoader 33TLX automatically slows and stops when your workers take their foot off the gas. As the most powerful model in its class, the 33TLX is powered by a Kubota D1305 engine with 25 hp. You can also outfit your 33TLX with an optional heated cabin, safety gate and ergonomic joystick.

The 33TLX works with accessories such as:

  • Pallet Forks.
  • Manure Forks.
  • Snow Plows.
  • Salt/Sand Spreaders.
  • Round Bale Forks.
  • Four-in-one Buckets.
  • Angled Buckets.
  • Grappling Buckets.
  • Sand Buckets.
  • Low-Volume Buckets.
  • High-Volume Buckets.

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