New and Used CMC Arbor Lifts

Wellbuilt Equipment sells new and used CMC Arbor Pro models such as the 72HD+, 75L, 83HD+ and the 60HD+.

CMC lifts, commonly known as “Spider Lifts”, are specifically designed to navigate tree trimming and roofing sites with a stable platform and adaptive reach. We offer financing through AP Financing and we’re the only dealer and servicer of CMC lifts in the midwest United States. Call our office to learn more or fill out a contact form.

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Wellbuilt Equipment

CMC 92HD+ Arbor Pro For Sale – New

Capacity: 507 lbs
Extended Capacity: 176 lbs
Length: 21 ft 3 in
Platform Height: 86 ft
Stowed Height: 6 ft 6 in
Weight: 9,200 lbs
Width: 2 ft 11 in
Working Height: 92 ft

CMC 75L Compact Tracked Lift For Sale – New

Capacity: 441 lbs
Extended Capacity: lbs
Length: 18 ft 9 in
Platform Height: 69 ft
Stowed Height: 6 ft 6 in
Weight: 7,055 lbs
Width: 2 ft 11 in
Working Height: 75 ft

CMC 83HD+ Arbor Pro For Sale – New

Capacity: 507 lbs
Extended Capacity: 176 lbs
Length: 21 ft 3 in
Platform Height: 77 ft
Stowed Height: 6 ft 6 in
Weight: 8,500 lbs
Width: 2 ft 11 in
Working Height: 83 ft

CMC 72HD+ Arbor Pro For Sale – New

Capacity: 507 lbs
Extended Capacity: 176 lbs
Length: 21 ft 3 in
Platform Height: 66 ft
Stowed Height: 6 ft 6 in
Weight: 6,614 lbs
Width: 2 ft 11 in
Working Height: 72 ft

New and Used CMC Arbor Pro Compact Tracked Lifts for Sale

At Wellbuilt Equipment Inc., we have new and used CMC Arbor Pro spider lifts purpose-built for arborists and suited for use across multiple industries. All of our CMC tree trimming lifts have powerful tracks that provide a low center of gravity and superior traction over mud and challenging terrain. These machines all have automatic self-leveling chassis systems and four durable, radio-remote outriggers you can operate from inside the basket to provide a stable working platform on uneven surfaces.

The Advantages of CMC Arbor Pro Tree Trimming Lifts

Arbor industry lifts are designed for precision tree work and ideal for getting into confined spaces and around power lines without risking damage to the machine or surrounding structures. These tree trimming lifts are versatile machines ideal for use in residential tree care, on construction sites, in utility work, for facilities maintenance and much more. Our CMC Arbor Pro lifts for sale range in capability with simple controls, fast travel speeds and multiple safety features to keep you and your employees safe when working in high places.

With a design made with transportation in mind, these tree trimming lifts can fit through most property gates, down most sidewalks and through most standard size doors. These tree trimming lifts work in virtually any temperature and, depending on the tracked lift design, offer advantages that span over multiple applications, including:

  • Broad lateral reach: 38 to 43 feet of lateral range allows you to cover wide areas without moving.
  • Excellent working height: These lifts provide between 62 and 83 feet of stable working elevation.
  • Compact design: These machines are lightweight and fold into a 35-inch-wide ground transport mode.
  • High mobility: With their tracked chassis, these arbor industry lifts can make complete turns in tight spaces.
  • Impressive capacity: Our CMC tree trimming lifts provide between 440 and 507 pounds of basket load capacity.
  • Optional indoor use: Engine upgrades are available for working indoors without creating unsafe air conditions.

The Right CMC Tracked Lift for Your Needs

Our CMC Arbor Pro arbor industry lifts are ANSI (TUV) and CSA certified, and meet or exceed all the latest OSHA safety requirements. These tracked lifts all have accessible emergency shut-off buttons near the operator and multiple safety systems in place to prevent operator injury and avoid damage to the machine. We have new and used machines available:

  • New spider lifts: Our new machines come with a wide range of optional features you can add to customize your tracked lift. These include performance and aesthetic upgrades like a hybrid engine or battery power, two-person baskets, custom paint and double travel speed.
  • Used spider lifts: Our used machines undergo extensive inspections from our in-house technicians. These machines have up-to-date maintenance, and we install any factory updates for a ready-to-use tracked lift you can hitch to your truck and drive to your next job site today.

Arbor Pro 60HD for Sale

The 60HD Arbor Pro is rugged and dependable with a powerful Kubota Z602-E3B 16.8-horsepower diesel engine as standard equipment, a 12-volt battery backup and an optional hybrid engine upgrade. This tracked lift is ideal for working on sloped surfaces thanks to its wide outrigger footprint and almost 3 feet of self-leveling capability. Other unique product specifications for the 60HD Arbor Pro include:

  • 38 feet of lateral reach
  • 62-foot working height
  • 485-pound basket capacity
  • 6,200-pound standard weight
  • 720-degree turret rotation
  • 6-foot 8-inch stowed length

Arbor Pro 72HD for Sale

The CMC 72HD Arbor Pro tracked lift comes with a four-gallon capacity Kubota 17-horsepower diesel engine or an optional Kubota 120v 20a hybrid electric motor. This machine has simple hydraulic controls you can use with one hand and multi-set outriggers you can place in a wide or narrow pattern up. With 7 inches of ground clearance, our Arbor pro 72D for sale can handle any site, with additional specifications including:

  • 90-degree jib arc
  • 41 feet of lateral reach
  • 72-foot working height
  • 6,614-pound standard weight
  • 507-pound max basket capacity
  • 1.5 mph maximum travel speed

Arbor Pro 75L for Sale

With the Arbor Pro 75L compact tracked lift, you gain the incredible reach of a boom lift and the compact mobility of a scissor lift. This machine offers 720 degrees of continuous turret rotation and has a chassis suited for any terrain thanks to automatic self-leveling on slopes up to 15 degrees. These arbor industry lifts come with a single-person aluminum basket, and we offer several options to upgrade. Other features include:

  • 75 feet of working height
  • 441-pound platform capacity
  • 7,055-pound standard weight
  • 90-degree basket rotation
  • 40-foot 8-inch lateral reach
  • Kubota 17-horsepower engine

Arbor Pro 83HD for Sale

If you want to get maximum reach, our new Arbor Pro 83HD for sale delivers. These tracked lifts have a telescopic boom for up-and-over reach to move through tight spaces. The included aluminum basket measures a comfortable 24 square-inch standing surface with enough room to accommodate tools and equipment, and 39-inch safety railings keep you inside when situated high above the ground. Additional specifications include:

  • 46 feet of lateral reach
  • 83-foot working height
  • 507-pound platform capacity
  • 25-pound extended capacity
  • 8,500-pound standard weight
  • 400-degree turret rotation

Your Exclusive Dealer of CMC Tree Trimming Lifts in the Midwest

Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. is the exclusive dealer for a CMC tracked lift in the Midwest, with multiple new CMC lifts for sale in Crete — situated just outside of Chicago. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry. With a fully equipped service center, trained technicians and our Service Guarantee, we will support you for the lifetime of your investment with professional maintenance and repairs, including on-site service to your location.

Request a Quote on a New Tracked Lift

At Wellbuilt Equipment Inc., our experienced representatives can answer your questions and help you determine the best new or used machine for your needs and budget. To learn more about our new and used CMC Arbor Pro compact tracked lifts for sale or to request a free on-site quote, please call 1-800-833-3748 or contact us today.