CTE Traccess Lifts

CTE is a leading manufacturer of Spider Lifts and Aerial platforms based in Italy. They provide reliable and value-centered lift models with all the benefits of Spider lifts that you’ve come to know and expect such as a flexible working platform and unparalleled adaptability from the Spider lift design. View our models below!

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300 - 1000 lbs

Platform Height

15 - 40 ft


2000 - 40000 lbs

Working Height

0 - 182 ft

Working Outreach

30 - 50 ft

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CTE Traccess 270-88

Platform Height: 81 ft
Working Height: 88 ft
Working Outreach: 46 ft
Capacity: 507 lbs
Weight: 9590 lbs

CTE Traccess 230-75

Platform Height: 68 ft
Working Height: 75 ft
Working Outreach: 38 ft
Capacity: 440 lbs
Weight: 6395 lbs

CTE TRACCESS Spider Lifts for Sale

CTE has been a leading manufacturer of aerial lifts for over 30 years. Since 1981, they have spread their outreach across the world, with suppliers in five continents across the globe. At Wellbuilt Equipment Inc., we have new spider lifts from CTE for sale to help you accomplish any project at various heights.

Spider lifts are mobile, elevated working platforms that deploy legs for added support. These stabilizer legs help the boom structure reach high surfaces while remaining secure. CTE’s spider lifts are known for reliability and strength, and we can help you determine if our offerings are suitable for your operation.


The CTE TRACCESS 230 is a versatile machine that can tackle elevated projects without taking up too much room. This powerful lift runs on a 230V 2.2kW electric auxiliary motor plus a diesel or electric power source. This model is less than 7 feet tall and under 32 inches wide, allowing it to navigate smaller areas and store easily when not in use.

The maximum height for the TRACCESS 230 is 23 meters, or just over 75 feet. The platform can hold up to 440 pounds of equipment and workers. The base stabilizes the boom in four different places to offer well-balanced support during highest of elevated projects. You can easily reach any area with a 90-degree left and right rotating basket and 320-degree turret rotation.

Other key features include:

  • Customizable slide-on legs that offer premium support in any environment.
  • A basket load sensing device that lets you know when an operator or equipment is present.
  • Ground contact sensors to check for proper ground connection.
  • 31% gradeability performance across uneven terrain.
  • An articulated boom plus telescopic boom and jib to reach maximum heights.
  • Dual drive speed to move the machine from one area to another with ease.
  • In-basket controls for hydraulics and engine startup.
  • A radio remote control for improved operations.

The blue and white aluminum exterior protects the hydraulics from rain, dirt and debris. CTE also developed a cover to protect the control panel from exposure and debris.

Industry Applications for Spider Lifts

Spider lifts are one of the most multifaceted types of lifts because of their external stabilizing legs. They can handle inclines, rough terrain and uneven surfaces better than other types of aerial lifts.

Some industry applications of CTE spider lifts include:

  • Building construction: Construction projects sometimes call for height access, and a spider lift can help you move upward safely.
  • Outdoor cleaning: Workers can move around and clean windows freely with a spider lift.
  • Bridge maintenance: Spider lifts can reach far and high since the stabilizing legs remain securely on the ground while the basket reaches the bridge.
  • Tree trimming: The TRACCESS 230 gives operators access to trees in natural settings or within city limits.

Spider lifts are rising in popularity thanks to their ability to access awkward and difficult-to-reach spaces with greater safety. These lifts enable personnel to access many different areas of a building, bridge or more with ease.

Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. can help you find the ideal model for your needs. Our spider lifts for sale exceed expectations and comply with all safety requirements to help you complete any job.

Our Spider Lift Experience and Maintenance Services

Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. specializes in spider lift sales as well as their care. One way to ensure that your equipment lasts for countless working hours is to stay on top of maintenance procedures. Our team can help you identify potential issues before they turn into extensive repairs.

We offer:

  • Inspections
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Welding services
  • Painting

Our maintenance and repair services keep your equipment in the best shape possible for years of use. If you have older machinery that needs complete reconditioning services, we can do that too. We make it easy to care for your products and get the most out of your purchase.

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The experienced team at Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. can help you solve problems and find suitable equipment for your budget and goals. We are here to help you get more done more efficiently, providing expert service and care to meet all requirements for individuals, construction contractors and everyone in between. If you are interested in renting, we have spider lift rental options available as well.

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