A Guide to Safety Features of CTE Tracked Lifts

April 6, 2023

Companies across numerous industries use CTE tracked lifts to work on elevated platforms. These versatile spider lifts allow cleaners, landscapers and maintenance teams to reach aerial work platforms safely. They’re also equipped with extensive safety features like emergency track and outrigger controls.

Spider lift safety features ensure operators can safely navigate the varying terrains of different job sites and move around indoors. The controls are easy to access, so CTE lift operators can direct, expand and retract these features as needed.

Tracked Lift Safety Features

CTE lifts include various safety features. Most tracked lifts have emergency controls for outriggers and tracks, along with other general emergency controls. Here is a guide to the three emergency control sets:

General Emergency Controls

The CTE 230-75 has easy-to-access ground-level emergency controls. You’ll find these controls on the side of the engine cover opposite the battery and engine key. The machine needs to be running before you can switch them on.

The top right knob controls the hydraulic oil. To turn on the emergency controls, turn this knob all the way in. Once this knob is fully opened, the hydraulic oil will flow toward the emergency control manifold higher up on the same side of the machine. There is a gauge to show the hydraulic oil pressure. You’ll also need to bring the jib down, retract it and bring the upper and lower boom arms down so that everything sits securely in the cradle.

The emergency control lever manages the power to the controls. Simply hold down the lever and push the buttons at the top or bottom, depending on what you need to do. You don’t need to attach leverage to manipulate the controls. If you need to kill the computer, the key switch is at the far left of the emergency controls. Put the key in the switch and turn it to the right to disconnect all the sensors and run every emergency control.

The emergency controls are proportional — the harder you push on the levers and buttons, the faster the emergency features will move. The diagram next to the controls shows how each emergency control operates.

Once you’re done using the emergency controls, turn them off. Turn the original knob back out all the way to the left, then switch off the engine and the battery. Make sure to turn them both off properly. Wait a few seconds before switching the machine back on. There should be no more error codes and you’ll be able to operate the machine as usual.


Emergency Outriggers Controls

If you’re working on rough and uneven terrain, you’ll need to deploy the outriggers on spider lifts for additional support and stability. The CTE 230-75 emergency controls are easy to access and can quickly deploy the outriggers. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the outrigger emergency controls:

  1. Prep the machine and turn it on: Turn the engine and battery disconnect keys towards electric power if you’re inside or using eclectic power. If you’re using diesel, turn the keys toward diesel. Then switch on the machine.
  2. Locate the outrigger controls: Each side of the tracked lift has its own valve bank to operate the outrigger emergency controls on that side of the engine. There are two outriggers on each side of the spider lift. Locate the valve bank you need.
  3. Open the control valve: First, you need to open the control valve with the knob at the top of the valve bank. Thread it all the way in to allow the hydraulic oil to flow to the outriggers.
  4. Open the outrigger valve: Each outrigger has its own valve that directs its movement. These valves are below the control valve. Depending on how many outriggers you need, you can open both or only one. Thread the knobs all the way in.
  5. Maneuver the outriggers: The valve banks have levers that control the movement of the outriggers. Press on the lever to raise the outriggers. The levers are proportional, so you can control the speed of the outriggers with the amount of pressure you place on the lever.
  6. Secure the outriggers: Once you’ve set the outriggers in place, turn all the valve knobs back to their original position. Doing so ensures the outriggers won’t be moved by accident.
  7. Return the outriggers: When you’re finished with the outriggers, open up the valves in the same order as before. Put the outriggers back in their original place, then close all the valves. Makes sure to close the valves all the way.
  8. Run a power cycle: You should do a power cycle any time you use the emergency controls. Turn off the machine, the battery disconnect and the key switch. Count to five before restarting the machine and going back to work.

Emergency Track Controls

Tracks help CTE lifts get through doors, gates and other tight spaces if the machine is disabled. Switching on the emergency controls for the tracks is relatively simple.

  1. Prep the machine and turn it on: As with any other emergency controls, the machine needs to be running before you use them. Turn the engine key, battery disconnect and key switch toward electric or diesel, then switch on the engine.
  2. Open the control valve: You’ll find the control valve on the outside of the engine cover at the top back. Thread the valve until it stops to redirect the hydraulic oil flow toward the tracks.
  3. Open the track valve: The next knob down controls the tracks. Open it all the way to bring the tracks out.
  4. Extend the tracks if necessary: If you need to extend the tracks, find the second valve down on the opposite side of the control valve, at the inner edge of the engine box. Thread this all the way in to extend the tracks.
  5. Secure the tracks: Once your tracks are in place, close all the valves to ensure they’re secure.

When you’re finished with the tracks, thread the control valve in again and switch off the machine. Run a power cycle, then switch it on to operate as usual.

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