Palazzani TZX-730

Palazzani TZX-730

Product Specs

Capacity: 440 lbs lbs
Length: 15 ft ft in
Width: 39 ft in in
Weight: 5511 lbs lbs
Working Outreach: 33 ft ft
Platform Height: 66 ft ft

Palazzani TZX-730 for Rent

Palazzani is an Italy-based manufacturer of specialty compact tracked lifts. Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. offers Palazzani machinery for rent so your team can perform better with the safety, durability and reliability of these products.

The TZX line of aerial lift platforms combines a compact form with versatile functions to fit various applications.

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Spider Lift Applications and Industry Uses

The Palazzani TZX-730 is a multipurpose machine that can improve the workflow and safety of pruners, installers, maintenance workers and more. The spider lift is a convenient alternative to the scaffold since the machine can move from one job to another in the time it takes to assemble the scaffolding.

The Palazzani TZX-730’s outriggers allow the operator to place the machine on uneven terrain. This feature is helpful for cramped indoor locations such as churches or sports stadiums. In addition, automatic stabilization makes the Palazzani TZX-730 a good fit for trimming greenery in areas like parks.

Product Features

The Palazzani TZX-730 is the most compact and lightweight compact tracked lift in its class, with a highly flexible boom configuration and a 440-pound weight capacity.

The Palazzani TZX-730 has a low overall weight allowing it to be used inside of older buildings and structures where floor loading requirements prevent other compact tracked lifts from working.
The TZX-730 features a working height of 73 feet, comes in under 40″ wide to go through doorways and runs on 110v 15amp power. It’s side reach, capacity and low floor load are the perfect combination for both interior and exterior work.

Several features of the Palazzani TZX-730 include:

  • Configuration options: The boom can transform to a telescopic boom, double pantograph and jib.
  • Size convenience: This lift is highly compact, with a height less than 72in and a width less than 42in
  • Lift strength: The Palazzani TZX-730 can carry up to 440 pounds and extend to a working height of 75 feet.

Palazzani TZX-730 for Rent by Wellbuilt Equipment

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