Palazzani TSJ 82

Palazzani TSJ 82

Product Specs

Working Height: 82 ft
Capacity: 550 lbs
Weight: 8708 lbs
Width: 16 ft
Length: 16 ft

Spider lifts have emerged as some of the most versatile aerial lifts on the market, delivering longer reach and greater maneuverability than their boom lift predecessors. These aerial lifts set themselves apart with their compact bodies and four stabilizing outriggers — mechanical legs that give the machine the appearance of a spider. If you’re looking to introduce a spider lift into your fleet, consider investing in the Palazzani TSJ 82 for rent.

At Wellbuilt Equipment Inc., we carry a complete line of aerial lifts that reflects our commitment to safety and detail. We’ve provided our customers with high-quality lift sales and rentals for over 30 years while delivering in-depth services for all makes and models.

Rental TSJ 82 Spider Crane Features and Benefits

Spider lift rentals offer a more cost-effective way to take advantage of these machines’ many advanced features, eliminating maintenance, storage and part replacement costs. When you rent the Palazzani TSJ 82, you’ll experience all the benefits of this reliable equipment without paying sale prices, including:

  • Versatile positioning: The TSJ 82 features an innovative stabilizer system with easy positioning capabilities, allowing operators to orient the lift on stairways, slopes and other hostile terrains.
  • High maneuverability: These spider lifts comprise a compact and agile design suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These machines can navigate even the most hard-to-reach job sites with wide and narrow setup position options.
  • Maximum capacity lifting: Palazzani TSJ model cranes, when fully extended, can lift up to 1,100 pounds.
  • Intelligent outreach system: Our spider cranes have an automatic outreach system that ensures greater safety and performance, adapting to the load and stabilizer positioning.
  • User-friendly operation: The TSJ 82 lift boasts simple controls featuring an easy-to-use diagnostic system, complete with a multi-language touch screen.
  • Non-marking wheels: Our spider cranes have super-elastic rubber wheels that enable them to navigate fragile indoor flooring without scuffing.

Applications of Spider Lifts

When you rent one of our TSJ 82 spider cranes, you can use it for numerous high-rise and tall building applications. These aerial machines are the ideal solutions for many industrial tasks requiring extensive reach and dependable stabilization capabilities, including:

  • Tree care.
  • Breweries.
  • Painting.
  • Building maintenance.
  • Construction.
  • Refineries.
  • Glass and interior cleaning.
  • Utilities.
  • Power and chemical plants.
  • Restoration.

Our Specialized Spider Lift Services and Maintenance

Every equipment fleet requires frequent maintenance and repairs to ensure all machines operate reliably and efficiently at all times. At Wellbuilt Equipment Inc., we offer various support and maintenance services for spider lifts of all brands, helping companies minimize downtime and maximize productivity. Our services include:

You can find our repair shop in Crete, Illinois, near a network of major highways, such as Route 394 and Interstate 80. Our convenient location lets you reach us from virtually anywhere in the state.

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