CTE Traccess 270-88

CTE Traccess 270-88

Product Specs

Platform Height: 81 ft
Working Height: 88 ft
Working Outreach: 46 ft
Capacity: 507 lbs
Weight: 9590 lbs

CTE Traccess 270 for Rent

Italian manufacturer CTE has provided machinery for working at elevated heights for over 40 years. That’s why Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. partners with Innovativ Hoisting to make CTE Traccess products available to rent.

The Traccess line of track-mounted access platforms, or “spider lifts,” offer unique maneuverability for many project types.

Common Applications and Uses

Spider lifts are effective in a variety of settings, both indoor and outdoor. The Traccess 270 can help trim trees, perform underbridge maintenance and assist with many building and roofing tasks.

This lift option is beneficial for stadiums and cathedrals since the vertical and horizontal flexibility of the boom can access hard-to-reach areas. Traccess 270 has an electric option with no harmful emissions for indoor work and diesel or gasoline fuel options for outdoor applications.

Traccess 270 Features and Benefits

The CTE Traccess 270 has the highest reach and weight capacity of the Traccess family of aerial lift products. Features of the Tracess 270 include:

  • Extensive height: The 270 has an 88-foot working height and 46-foot maximum outreach.
  • High weight capacity: This spider lift can hold up to 551 pounds.
  • Various power sources: This lift has diesel and gasoline fuel options, as well as an electric option powered by a hybrid 48-volt battery kit.
  • Strong winch: The Traccess 270 comes with a winch that has a 507-pound capacity.

Spider lifts have several practical benefits. The four outriggers help users level the machine on uneven terrain. The Traccess 270 can fold down, allowing workers to access tight areas. Low gross weight enables easy transport.

CTE Traccess 270 for Rent by Wellbuilt Equipment

Searching for a spider lift solution? Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. has the CTE Traccess 270 powerhouse available to rent for your project today. Reach out at 1-800-833-3748 to speak with a representative or fill out a quote form online for more information.