CMC 75L Compact Tracked Lift for Rent

CMC 75L Compact Tracked Lift for Rent

Product Specs

Capacity: 441 lbs
Length: 18 ft 9 in
Platform Height: 69 ft
Stowed Height: 6 ft 6 in
Weight: 7,055 lbs
Width: 2 ft 11 in
Working Height: 75 ft

CMC Compact Tracked Lifts for Rent Chicago, IL

The CMC 75L Compact Tracked lift offers all of the advantages of a traditional boom lift combined with the compact nature of scissor lifts. Combining the best of CMC’s smaller and larger machines, this machine’s compact width at 35 inches mean it can fit into many areas that standard booms can’t. You won’t find many machines that can fit indoors and get you up to 75 feet of working height, but the CMC 75L can do just that, saving you time and money on the job site.

Compact Tracked Lifts, or better known as “Spider Lifts” are a growing part of the aerial lift industry. Their unique design and features allow them to reach into tight areas that other lifts can’t. Complex access solutions that would have once required more resources can now be solved simply by the CMC 75L.

Features include:

  • Simple remote control drive and boom functions that can be operated with a single hand
  • Self-leveling outriggers
  • Articulating jib with rotating basket
  • 360 degree turret rotation
  • 75 feet of working height and over 40 feet of lateral reach
  • Less than 20 feet in total length
  • Only weights 7,055 lbs
  • Ability to set up on sloped surfaces
  • Specialty outrigger pads to protect surfaces
  • Designed SPECIFICALLY for the rental industry

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    CMC 75 L Compact Tracked Lift