Bocker ‘Arriva’ HD 37 Inclined Hoist For Rent

Bocker ‘Arriva’ HD 37 Inclined Hoist For Rent

Product Specs

Capacity: 880 lbs
Max. Speed: 196 ft/min
Mast Extension: 119.7 ft
Weight: 5,070 lbs
Length: 27.8 ft
Width: 5.5 ft
Stowed Height: 7.2 ft

The Bocker ‘Arriva’ HD 37 Inclined Hoist is the perfect machine you need to transport any of your job supplies to elevation quickly. Stop using slow job site elevators or having your employees carry heavy equipment up flights of stairs. The Arriva can be set up in minutes, operated by one person, and transport up to 880lbs of workplace materials up to 120 feet with a speed of 196 feet per minute. Within 30 seconds, send everything you need to do the job up to a max elevation of 120 feet. This machine also has a variety of basket attachments and  options to ensure that you have exactly what you need to get the job done. From small businesses to large job sites, the applications for the ‘Junior’ are almost limitless.

Additional features include:

  • Honda gas engine
  • Integrated knee joint (depending on model)
  • Powered mast rotation and maneuvering drive

If you are interested in this machine, please contact the office and one of our expert staff members will talk you through the basics of the machine and help you set up a rental.