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Trash Rocket 3900

Hopper: Hydraulic-Operated
Mounting Method: Trailer Mounted
Position From Building: 32 ft.

Industry Uses and Advantages

While you could rent any debris chute, a Trash Rocket rental will provide several benefits you won’t get from a standard model. Common debris chutes require a dumpster left close to the building.

Usually, this requirement means your dumpster and fallen debris end up on top of landscaping, sidewalks or other essential areas. However, they could cause damage in this scenario. A Trash Rocket eliminates the risk because it will shoot the debris over the landscaping, sidewalk or other building features.

Trash Rockets are towable, making it easy to get them from one location to another. They are also easy to set up, usually only requiring one person and 10-15 minutes.

Hydraulic Debris Disposal Chutes Benefits

Rocket Equipment’s Trash Rocket disposal chutes provide several benefits to contractors of all kinds. Some of these advantages include:

  • Saving time: Trash Rockets make the debris removal process more efficient. All you have to do is load the debris and send it down the chute. When you’re done, you can pack up and move out.
  • Spending less: These trash rockets are efficient, helping you complete the job faster. They also require less labor to operate than traditional trash chutes, allowing your workers to focus on something else.
  • Easing operations: The primary goal of a Trash Rocket is to make debris removal easier. With this rental, you can work without affecting elements like the landscaping or sidewalk. Position the dumpster away from the building, set up the trash chute, and you’re on your way.

Reach Out to Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. for Midwest Trash Rocket Rentals

Are you ready to make your next roofing job more effective? Rent a Trash Rocket from Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. Trash Rockets from Rocket Equipment are high-quality machines designed to help you work faster and smarter without running the risks associated with standard trash chutes.

At Wellbuilt Equipment Inc., we work hard to provide top-of-the-line customer service. Our team is always prepared to answer any questions you have about Trash Rocket rentals or other products. Please contact us online today for more information.