Inclined Hoists

Inclined hoists are a relatively new category of lift in the United States. Developed and manufactured by Bocker Industries, inclined hoists enable any contractor to quickly transport supplies, building materials or tools to your working elevation. Inclined hoists use state of the art manufacturing that results in a machine that is light but durable, compact to fit into any location, and boasts a number of alternate accessories to fill any of your job site needs. Wellbuilt Equipment offers free on-site estimates for all our customers in our service area. Call our office today and one of our friendly staff will gladly help you find the lift that suits your needs.

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Bocker ‘Arriva’ HD 37 Inclined Hoist For Rent

Maximum Lift Capacity (Unrestricted): 880 lbs
: 196
Mast Extension: 119.7 ft
Weight: 5,070 lbs
Length: 27.8 ft
Width: 5.5 ft
: 7.2

Bocker ‘Junior’ HD 24 Inclined Hoist For Rent

Maximum Lift Capacity (Unrestricted): 550 lbs
: 157
Mast Extension: 79 ft
Weight: 2,645 lbs
Length: 16 ft
Width: 4.2 ft
: 4.9

Inclined Hoists From Wellbuilt Equipment in Crete, Chicago

At Wellbuilt Equipment in Crete, Chicago, we have an exclusive partnership with Innovativ Hoisting to bring Bocker lift equipment to our customers in the West and Midwest. These roofing inclined lifts are the latest in lifting technology. With advanced features for enhanced productivity and versatility, Bocker lift equipment will take your operations to the next level of efficiency.

Bocker Construction Technologies

Bocker has worked on perfecting the transport of heavy loads at great heights for more than half a century. As a leader in innovation in the field of lifting technology, Bocker continually adapts to meet customers’ needs and sets the standard in quality and safety.

To continually develop their technologies and equipment, Bocker is in close communication with leaders across a wide range of trades, from roofers to carpenters and more. After such valuable feedback, Bocker designs their lifts to exceed customer expectations.

The Flexibility Delivered by Inclined Hoists

Inclined hoists offer the flexibility you need on your job site. They’re designed to optimize construction workflow with features like material-specific platforms, load-bearing equipment and a knee joint that perfectly adapts to pitched roofs.

Safety on the Jobsite

One important benefit of inclined hoists is that they increase safety on the job site. Your Bocker lift equipment will remove the need for your roofers to physically handle heavy materials, which will reduce the risk of injury and fatigue on the job.

The versatile, job-specific features of inclined hoists also contribute to a safer environment, as they’re designed to meet specific needs with safety considerations in mind.

Savings Valuable for Roofing and Hoisting Jobs

When it comes to cost savings on a roofing or hoisting job, Bocker lift equipment provides the affordability you’re looking for. With a more compact design than other large equipment can provide, inclined hoists are a cost-effective equipment option. And thanks to a high-quality manufacturing process, they’re extremely durable and have a long lifespan for a reliable option you can count on over the long term.

Inclined hoists also reduce the amount of space needed for the work at hand and lower impact on the job site. Because they’re smaller and have a more lightweight construction compared to heavy equipment, inclined hoists do not take up much room, and they’re not hard on the land or soil of the site.

They’re also easy to transport, quick to set up and low-maintenance to keep in good condition.

Innovative and Groundbreaking Technologies Delivered by Wellbuilt Equipment

At Wellbuilt Equipment, we’re also looking to bring the latest and greatest equipment and technologies to our customers. We keep a close eye on developments in the lifting equipment industry, which is how we establish our special partnerships like the one we have with Innovativ Hoisting.

Bocker lift equipment is extremely popular in Europe, increasing productivity and safety for many companies. With their proven success overseas, it’s only a matter of time before inclined hoists are just as popular in the U.S.

An Exclusive Supplier and Servicer of Bocker Lifts in the West and Midwest

At Wellbuilt Equipment, we are the exclusive supplier and servicer of Bocker lifts in the West and Midwest. If you’re looking for a Bocker lift for sale, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.