CTE Traccess Lifts

CTE is a leading European manufacturer of Spider Lifts based in Italy. CTE Traccess models are known for their dependability, durability and innovative designs. Traccess lifts have the ability to independently move each spider arm and are equipped with remote control software. Spider lifts are fantastic for tree trimming or any aerial lift work requiring advanced flexibility and adaptability. View our Traccess models below!

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200 - 10000 lbs

Platform Height

12 - 180 ft


0 - 40000 lbs

Working Height

12 - 200 ft

Working Outreach

20 - 30 ft

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CTE Traccess 270-88

Platform Height: 81 ft
Working Height: 88 ft
Working Outreach: 46 ft
Capacity: 507 lbs
Weight: 9590 lbs

CTE Traccess 230-75

Platform Height: 68 ft
Working Height: 75 ft
Working Outreach: 38 ft
Capacity: 440 lbs
Weight: 6395 lbs

CTE TRACCESS Spider Lifts for Rent

Spider lifts make it easy to access difficult areas and work under unique circumstances. At Wellbuilt Equipment Inc., we offer top-quality spider lifts from CTE, one of the most notable brands in the heavy equipment industry.

CTE lifts have a global reputation for being reliable. When the company began over 30 years ago, they worked in the lift industry in Italy alone. Now, they ship and deliver quality tracked lifts across five different continents. They build their equipment to last many operating hours, so our rental fleet can handle any project you have in mind.

Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. specializes in rental spider lifts throughout the Chicago area. If you need premium equipment for a one-off project and want to avoid buying outright — or if you want to test-drive a new model before investing — renting a spider lift is an excellent option.

Spider Lift Industry Applications

One of the most notable attributes of spider lifts is their versatility. When you use a spider lift, you get more stability and reach than you would with other styles of aerial lifts. Regardless of which industry you’re in, there are many ways to use a spider lift:

  • Cleaning: Reaching windows, gutters and other high surfaces is much easier with a boom lift. Workers can maneuver easily within the basket for better results and greater efficiency.
  • Maintenance: Taking care of a building’s interior and exterior can have high demands. A lift is safer than a ladder, so you can get more done quickly.
  • Construction: Construction is one of the most typical applications for spider lifts. You can easily access high areas from the safety of the basket.
  • Tree care: Reaching tall trees on uneven ground is simple with the spider lift’s stabilizing legs and extendable arm.
  • Utility work: Utility workers rely on stable platforms when working on telephone poles, electric lines and more.

If you are working at significant elevations or in hard-to-reach places, a spider lift can simplify the process and make it easier to maneuver. The Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. team can help you decide if renting a spider lift is the best option for your project specifications.

CTE TRACCESS 230 Spider Lift for Rent

The CTE TRACCESS 230 spider lift is a powerful yet compact machine. This spider lift helps you reach high spaces while still maintaining a minimal form factor. This model has a maximum height of just over 75 feet when fully extended, but its stowed height of only 6.5 feet and a width under 32 inches allow it to fit through many doorways.

When you are working at heights, you want to make sure you can easily access every area to reduce safety risks. The TRACCESS 230 basket rotates 90 degrees left and right, and the turret provides 320-degree rotation. The operator can easily access any elevated surface while following safety recommendations.

Other important features of this model include:

  • Custom slide-on legs that fit your work area.
  • A radio remote control system that allows for on- and off-site control.
  • Basket controls for the engine and hydraulics.
  • Dual drive speed for maximum mobility.
  • Internal hydraulics that stay protected from water, dirt and debris.

The TRACCESS 230 spider lift offers increased support and structure with durable, stable legs. You can work in awkward places, on inclines and even on uneven ground and stay stable the entire time. If you want to rent a spider lift for a project or need a quick replacement for your standard equipment, Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. can help.

Our Spider Lift Experience and Maintenance Services

We offer maintenance and repair services to ensure that your equipment functions smoothly. We carefully service every rental lift in our fleet to ensure each machine stays in excellent condition. Details of our services include:


We offer inspections, preventative maintenance, painting and welding services for all equipment. Our maintenance team makes sure our rental equipment is up to code before every assignment so you can put it to work as soon as you reach your job site. We also perform these services for the lifts we sell to provide ongoing support to our customers.


If you want to rent a spider lift while having service performed on your own, we also provide complete reconditioning services to bring older equipment back to life. We work through every section of your machine to bring it up to industry standards and leave you with a like-new piece of equipment.

Our team is made up of experts in spider lift mechanics and technology. You can trust us to repair any issues and provide quality machinery that you can work with efficiently. After years of experience working on spider lifts, we can locate and remedy any issues that arise during or after your project.

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