Compact Tracked Lifts

Compact tracked lifts, or better known as “Spider Lifts”, are track driven, low weight, compact boom lifts designed for accessing the toughest of areas on your worksite. Their low weight and ability to climb steep inclines make them able to go places other equipment can’t. Common uses outside include tree care, window cleaning, painting, roofing and fascia work. Common indoor uses include atriums, churches, stadiums, and high work height locations. These specialized units vary heavily depending on the application. Wellbuilt Equipment offers free on-site estimates for all our customers in our service area. Call our office today and one of our friendly staff will gladly help you find the lift that suits your needs.


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Palazzani TZX-730

Capacity: 440 lbs lbs
Length: 15 ft ft in
Width: 39 ft in in
Weight: 5511 lbs lbs
Working Outreach: 33 ft ft
Platform Height: 66 ft ft

CTE Traccess 160-51

Capacity: 550 lbs lbs
Platform Height: 45 ft ft
Working Outreach: 24 ft ft
Length: 14 ft ft in
Width: 32 ft in in
Weight: 5290 lbs lbs

CTE Traccess 200-66

Capacity: 550 lbs lbs
Length: 21 ft ft in
Width: 32 ft in in
Weight: 6140 lbs lbs
Working Outreach: 28 ft ft
Platform Height: 60 ft ft

CTE Traccess 270-88

Platform Height: 81 ft
Working Height: 88 ft
Working Outreach: 46 ft
Capacity: 507 lbs
Weight: 9590 lbs

CTE Traccess 230-75

Platform Height: 68 ft
Working Height: 75 ft
Working Outreach: 38 ft
Capacity: 440 lbs
Weight: 6395 lbs

Palazzani TSJ 82

Working Height: 82 ft
Capacity: 550 lbs
Weight: 8708 lbs
Width: 16 ft
Length: 16 ft

Compact Tracked Lifts or “Spider Lifts”

At Wellbuilt Equipment, we offer the largest selection of compact tracked lifts in the midwest. Our compact tracked boom lifts provide cost-effective solutions for common problems like scaling narrow heights where clunky, inefficient scaffolding has traditionally been utilized. With our selection of compact tracked boom lift rentals, you can effortlessly and quickly complete common maintenance tasks and other lofty projects with less disturbance and cost.

Check out our variety of spider lifts available in several sizes, heights and capacity options to suit your job specifications. Our team of knowledgeable, friendly experts can help you explore your compact tracked lift rental possibilities and find specialized equipment to fit your immediate needs, performance expectations and budget.

Why Choose a Compact Tracked Lift Rental From Wellbuilt Equipment?

Compact tracked lifts are one of the latest aerial lift products introduced to the market — these versatile machines are ideal for finishing projects that are in high, tight or awkwardly sized locations. Renting a compact tracked lift for your next maintenance or refinishing project is much more economical than erecting costly scaffolding or investing in a general powered access vehicle that offers more advanced features than what you’re needing.

A compact tracked lift, due to its compact size, is best used inside buildings and in places that are difficult to reach — they can even work on slopes and grassy areas without extra anchoring efforts. Commonly, compact tracked lifts are rented by the following industries:

  • Landscaping professionals
  • Building maintenance and installation crews
  • Interior remodeling companies

Wellbuilt Equipment Spider Lifts for Rent for Chicago Business Owners

Wellbuilt Equipment has an extensive fleet of compact tracked lifts in a broad range of sizes available for rent from our partners at CTE. What compact tracked lift size you need largely depends on the types of projects you’re working on, the lifting capacity necessary and the type of reach you need to achieve.

Many of our compact tracked lift models even feature quiet motors that can operate in noise sensitive areas without causing additional disturbance. For help choosing the right compact tracked lift for your next project or job, don’t hesitate to reach out to the helpful and experienced professionals at Wellbuilt Equipment — we can provide guidance on our different rental options, helping you find the right compact tracked lift for any application and industry.

CTE TRACCESS Spider Lifts for Rent

Spider lifts make it easy to access difficult areas and work under unique circumstances. At Wellbuilt Equipment Inc., we offer top-quality spider lifts from CTE, one of the most notable brands in the heavy equipment industry.

CTE lifts have a global reputation for being reliable. When the company began over 30 years ago, they worked in the lift industry in Italy alone. Now, they ship and deliver quality tracked lifts across five different continents. They build their equipment to last many operating hours, so our rental fleet can handle any project you have in mind.

Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. specializes in rental spider lifts throughout the Chicago area. If you need premium equipment for a one-off project and want to avoid buying outright — or if you want to test-drive a new model before investing — renting a spider lift is an excellent option.

CTE TRACCESS 230 Spider Lift for Rent

The CTE TRACCESS 230 spider lift is a powerful yet compact machine. This spider lift helps you reach high spaces while still maintaining a minimal form factor. This model has a maximum height of just over 75 feet when fully extended, but its stowed height of only 6.5 feet and a width under 32 inches allow it to fit through many doorways.

When you are working at heights, you want to make sure you can easily access every area to reduce safety risks. The TRACCESS 230 basket rotates 90 degrees left and right, and the turret provides 320-degree rotation. The operator can easily access any elevated surface while following safety recommendations.

Other important features of this model include:

  • Custom slide-on legs that fit your work area.
  • A radio remote control system that allows for on- and off-site control.
  • Basket controls for the engine and hydraulics.
  • Dual drive speed for maximum mobility.
  • Internal hydraulics that stay protected from water, dirt and debris.

The TRACCESS 230 spider lift offers increased support and structure with durable, stable legs. You can work in awkward places, on inclines and even on uneven ground and stay stable the entire time. If you want to rent a spider lift for a project or need a quick replacement for your standard equipment, Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. can help.

Want to Learn More About Our Compact Tracked Lift Rentals? Call Us Today

Wellbuilt Equipment is happy to supply you with the right type of compact tracked lift rental for your next job. We offer the largest selection of spider lifts available for rent throughout the Chicago area and beyond. Check out our variety of compact tracked lift options today, and if you have questions about our products or feel ready to request a free rental estimate, our team will gladly assist you.

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