Cast Loaders

Cast loaders are versatile pieces of equipment with attachments that make them stand out in the field of agricultural, landscaping and construction equipment. For more than 20 years, Cast Group has produced lightweight equipment with the highest innovation standards, multifunctionality and safety in its class. Today, Cast is known worldwide for its production of loaders and Cast Mini Skid Steers, which are lightweight and versatile machines that work with various attachments.

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Capacity with Counterweight

2000 - 3000 lbs

Loader Width

25 - 100 in


5 - 10 mph

Weight With Counterweight

2500 - 4000 lbs

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CastLoader 42″ Fork Attachment

Length: ft 42 in

CastLoader Grapple Hook Attachment

CastLoader 52″ Mulch/Gravel Bucket Attachment

Width: ft 52 in

Cast 830D Carbon

Speed: 9.94 mph
Capacity: 2,093 lbs
Capacity with Counterweight: 2,333 lbs
Boom Height: 116.61 in
Loader Width: 47 in
Weight: 2,557 lbs
Weight With Counterweight: 2,997 lbs
Pallet Fork Attachment: Yes
Gravel/Mulch Bucket Attachment: Yes
Grapple Hook Attachment: Yes

Cast 33TLX

Speed: 9.94 mph
Capacity: 2,095 lbs
Capacity with Counterweight: 2,335 lbs
Boom Height: 117.3 in
Loader Width: 50 in
Weight: 2,866 lbs
Weight With Counterweight: 3,306 lbs
Grapple Hook Attachment: Yes
Gravel/Mulch Bucket Attachment: Yes
Pallet Fork Attachment: Yes

Cast 28T

Speed: 7.46 mph
Capacity: 1780 lbs
Capacity with Counterweight: 2095 lbs
Boom Height: 117.3 in
Loader Width: 50 in
Weight: 2,755 lbs
Weight With Counterweight: 3,195 lbs
Grapple Hook Attachment: Yes
Gravel/Mulch Bucket Attachment: Yes
Pallet Fork Attachment: Yes

Cast Loaders for Rent by Wellbuilt Equipment in South Chicago

Wellbuilt Equipment is proud to call itself the exclusive official partner of Top Notch Equipment in the American Midwest, which allows us to serve our customers a multifunctional selection of CastLoader machines. We have comprehensive experience renting, selling and servicing loaders of various types throughout the region, including 30 Series and 800 Series CastLoaders.

Advantages of Cast Loaders

Located in Mirano, Italy, Cast Group’s experienced technicians began designing loaders when they saw a need to make the articulated mini-loader more innovative and multifunctional. Cast loaders are remarkable for their lightweight designs and their ability to transform to suit a wide range of industries. For more than 20 years, Cast has designed their loaders to be compact and powerful pieces of equipment that can handle demanding jobs while treading lightly enough not to damage the ground beneath them.

Every CastLoader is designed with readily accessible internal components that provide easy serviceability. Most Cast wheel loader models have an accessible Rigid Pipe System (RPS) that is easy to maintain and possesses a high resistance to wear and tear. The inside cabin of every CastLoader is ergonomically designed to ensure your operators stay comfortable all day long, and you can even opt for optional cabin heating and safety gates when available. If desired, you can further customize specific models for an even smoother ergonomic ride.

CastLoaders work with attachments for almost every industry. For agriculture, these machines can be outfitted with bale clamps, manure forks, pallet forks and round bale forks. When you’re working in landscaping, your CastLoader will accept four-in-one buckets, high-volume buckets, sand buckets and angled buckets. Cast loaders are even ideal for municipal work such as snow plowing and salt spreading. If you’re looking for a multifunctional machine that can handle demanding jobs and diverse challenges, consider renting or investing in a CastLoader today.

Available Rentals

As a certified partner of Top Notch in the American Midwest, Wellbuilt Equipment is proud to offer two configurations of the CastLoader system for rent — the CastLoader 28T and the 33TLX. We meticulously inspect these machines to ensure they offer peak performance, and we also have Wellbuilt Equipment technicians ready to service your rental if you should ever need assistance while in the field.

CastLoader 28T

The CastLoader 28T features a Kubota D1105 engine with 25 horsepower and boasts a 2,094-pound hydraulic lifting capacity. Its hydraulic system can achieve 1.48 cfm, while the boom can reach heights of up to 115.9 inches. At its fastest, it can reach speeds up to 7.46 mph. Like all Cast loaders, the 28T is available with multiple wheel configurations for traveling on different terrains, including skid tires, trac masters, tractor tires and turf tires.

Each 28T articulating mini-loader is equipped with an four-function joystick for control and features an ergonomic interior with seat belts. It comes with a standard telescopic boom, four-wheel drive and a robust hydrostatic transmission to carry your workers across any terrain.

CastLoader 33TLX

If you’re looking for a more powerful articulated mini-loader, the CastLoader 33TLX is a top contender for your project. The CastLoader 33TLX is powered by a hydraulic Kubota D1305 engine with 30 horsepower and offers a lifting capacity of 2,094 pounds. It can reach a speed of up to 13.7 mph and features a hydrostatic transmission, electric lock, telescopic boom, self-leveling and water cooling. This machine also comes in a version with a “Carbon-Look” matte finish for a sleek look and environmental resistance.

Each 33TLX CastLoader is designed with an ergonomic interior and is controlled by an 10-function joystick. Inside the cab, they’re equipped with an electronic display and speed gauge so that you have precise insights into how your machine is performing.

Common Uses for Cast Loaders

Cast Group wheel loaders for rent are frequently used in the agricultural, landscaping and construction sector. With the proper attachment, a 30 or 800 Series CastLoader can be valuable in any industry, including:

  • Agriculture: From planting to harvesting and then tilling the ground again, agriculture requires machinery to fill multiple roles. For the agricultural sector, Cast makes attachments such as bale clamps, seed drills, rotary tillers, mowers and more.
  • Landscaping: When you’re working in tight spaces on landscaping projects, compact CastLoaders allow for easy navigation and excellent maneuverability. Cast makes landscaping attachments such as hedge cutter bars, lawnmowers, rotary tillers, augers and trenches.
  • Construction: When it comes to construction, you need a machine that’s as versatile and durable as possible. Cast manufactures construction attachments including concrete mixers, excavators, hydraulic pile hammers, trenches, rotary brushes and brooms.

Our Repair and Maintenance Services

For more than 30 years, Wellbuilt has provided our clients with comprehensive repair and maintenance services to keep their equipment running smoothly. We offer preventative maintenance services to stop problems before they start, as well as transportationinspection and storage solutions. If you have an older piece of equipment you need to restore to peak function, our reconditioning services can get it back up and running as if it were fresh off the factory floor.

Learn More About Cast Loaders From Wellbuilt Equipment

Wellbuilt Equipment has been providing our customers with high-quality rental equipment since 1987. Our team of experienced technicians and staff has the knowledge necessary to rent, sell and service the piece of equipment that will allow you to rise to the demands of your work site. To learn more about Cast wheel loader rentals from Wellbuilt Equipment, contact us online or call today.