MEC Aerial Work Platforms

Reach inaccessible areas with a reliable vertical mast lift. Our collection of MEC aerial work platforms helps get the job done efficiently, effectively and safely. Each piece of equipment’s unique set of capabilities caters to specific operational demands, from longer duty cycles to higher installation heights. With over four decades of manufacturing industry-leading solutions, MEC continues to strive for innovation and excellence to provide you with a better solution.

Access high-quality solutions from this manufacturer of aerial work platforms with Wellbuilt Equipment Inc.

Impact of Vertical Mast Lifts on Operations

Vertical mast lifts are widely used in various sectors, including general construction, warehousing, retail and industry. These are also pivotal equipment among government agencies and municipalities requiring a unit to navigate restricted environments and narrow aisles. Aerial work platforms from MEC are designed to offer mobility over obstacles that a traditional aerial lift cannot work on.

As a full-service, family-owned equipment company, Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. carries a selection of MEC vertical mast lifts that meet your company’s requirements. Our inventory allows you to choose the right product that matches your operational needs while making sure that each piece of equipment provides stability and comfort.

What Sets MEC Apart From the Competition?

MEC is a renowned manufacturer of an impressive aerial work platforms line-up. The company reaches new heights with revolutionary designs and superior capabilities. As part of MEC’s mission to create a better solution, they have introduced new models for their product line-up. Their vertical mast lifts solve common and complex challenges when operating the unit. Some innovative features that make these mast lifts essential include:

  • Towering, stable height: All electrical masts from MEC come with a specific platform height. At this working height, the lift will deliver extra accessibility and improved productivity.
  • Leak detection: MEC’s Leak Containment System® ensures that leaks and other weather elements do not interfere with the machine’s operation. The unique set of trays comes with a sleek design that easily contains leaks. It also has some pre-cut absorbent pads for seamless replacement.
  • Electric drive: The direct electric drive offers faster, smoother and quieter charging. This feature leads to longer operating hours for higher efficiency and better performance.
  • Ultracompact structure: MEC aerial platforms fit on most elevators and confined spaces for more efficient executions. The low-floor loading and slide-out deck also adds to its capability.
  • Tool tray: If technical difficulties arise during operation, the tool tray can support you. This toolset is stationed just above the mast assembly to save space.

Parts, Services and Inspections From the Experts

At Wellbuilt Equipment Inc., we aim to make operations safe and effective. If you come across any problem with your MEC equipment, our dedicated team of technicians is ready to resolve issues to reduce downtime. Our expertise in repair and services gives you peace of mind when using the product. We also offer preventative maintenance to ensure your machinery remains in excellent condition.

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