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About JCB

JCB is a major player in the world of equipment. It started small back in 1945, building agricultural tipping trailers. Today, the company manufactures a wide range of equipment for industries like construction, agriculture, landscaping and government and defense. It now has 22 plants on four continents, building the next generation of machinery.

JCB built many firsts, including the first backhoe loader, high-speed tractor and true wheeled excavator. This equipment is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation, consistently bringing new technologies to the industry. JCB is making great strides in sustainability, implementing new designs to support reduced emissions and energy costs.

Wellbuilt has partnered with JCB to offer a wide selection of scissor lifts, access platforms and telehandlers. They can take you to new heights safely and efficiently. Explore our selection of JCB products to find the right one for your team.

JCB Scissor Lifts and Access Platforms

Decades of engineering and manufacturing experience went into designing JCB’s scissor lifts and access platforms. They are all certified EN280 and compliant with ANSI and CSA standards. With four electric scissor lift models, JCB can meet your needs for indoor operation and energy-saving equipment.

All JCB access platforms offer flexibility, with easy access to the controls from almost any part of the machine and spring clips on the platform rails to help with maneuvering. Durability comes standard thanks to features like full-pivot bosses on scissor packs, motor protection plates, pothole protection struts, button wear pads between scissor sections and wear pads on the battery and hydraulic doors. JCB has infused state-of-the-art protection into these platforms.

As for usage, JCB has made its platforms ergonomic, convenient and easy to use. It offers unique designs and tools for tasks like loading and unloading and opening the gate. Safety is a priority, too, with systems that meet the latest regulatory and legislative requirements. All scissor lifts offer accessible emergency descent and brake handles at the rear of the machines, as well as safety stops and a three-second delay before the basket lowers. The platforms themselves have high-grip steps and easy-to-use doors to help operators work safely.

Our JCB scissor lifts for sale include:

  • AJ48D: This versatile access platform is excellent for rugged environments and extensive height needs. It offers user-friendly controls and smooth, stable operation, with safety and telematics as standard features. The AJ48D supports up to 551 pounds and reaches over 48 feet high.
  • S1930E: The JCB S1930 scissor lift was designed for tight spaces, offering high lift capacity with a small footprint, fitting easily through standard doorways. A unique gate handle provides easy, safe access, and the roller-supported deck extension allows for easy extension even at height. It has a hefty load capacity of 505 pounds and a platform height of 19 feet.
  • S2632E: The S2632E is a mid-range JCB scissor lift with safety and productivity features built-in alongside a greater lift height. It has a load capacity of 550 pounds and a platform height of 26 feet, 6 inches.
  • S3246E: JCB’s S3246E is designed to fit two people and operate safely indoors at heights up to 32 feet, 9 inches. Ease of use comes through JCB’s unique gate handle, roller design, ergonomic controls and other safe and straightforward features. It features a heavier load capacity of 705 pounds and has a wider platform measuring 3 feet, 9 inches across.
  • S4046E: The highest-reaching of the electric models, the S4046E can raise workers to 39 feet. It offers many of the other features within this lineup, like easy-to-use deck extension, accessible parts and a range of safety systems. Its platform supports up to 705 pounds and features the same wider size as the S3246E.

JCB Telehandlers

JCB puts build quality and versatility front and center with its telehandlers. It offers 27 different models and many attachments, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your operation. Whether you need to maneuver in tight spaces or you want pure power, JCB telehandlers have you covered.

They offer low costs of ownership, are excellent for a competitive market and typically offer high residual value. Most models use the EcoMAX engine that delivers exceptional maneuverability with three steer modes.

JCB also offers several lineups built for different tasks, like the Tool Carrier Range, Lift & Place Range and Loadall Range. For example, the Loadall Range is designed for efficiency, with superior performance, visibility, versatility and ergonomics. It’s a compact, maneuverable lineup with features like selectable steer modes, the shock-absorbing Smoothride System and a protective design with highly ergonomic controls.

Here are some of the most popular JCB telehandlers for sale:

  • 505-20TC: The 505-20TC combines ease of use with high productivity and performance. It features one of the largest cabs on the market and exceptional safety features. This telehandler offers up to 74 horsepower, a maximum lift height of 20 feet and a maximum lift capacity of 5,500 pounds.
  • 508-66TC: With the 508-66TC, you can expect efficiency built-in, especially when compared to a roto or mobile crane. It offers this efficiency with chain extension and a single-chassis design. It provides 74 horsepower, a max lift height of 65 feet, 7 inches and a max lift capacity of 8,500 pounds.
  • 509-23TC: This highly efficient telehandler offers a chassis designed for working with buckets and forks. It has a low boom for all-around visibility and a spacious operator station for ease of use. The 509-23TC has 74 or 109 horsepower, a max lift height of 23 feet and a max lift capacity of 9,000 pounds.
  • 509-45TC: The 509-45TC is a safety-focused telehandler. It offers superior visibility for the operator, with low-effort hydraulic controls. It’s packed with safety features like front and rear work lights, a magnetic rotating beacon, all-wheel steering options and a quiet, tinted and well-ventilated cab. Camera systems and a pulse radar system are available on this durable telehandler built for safety and strength on the job site. Specifications include 109 horsepower, a maximum lift height of 45 feet and a maximum lift capacity of 8,800 pounds.
  • 510-55TC: This full-sized telehandler offers exceptional productivity throughout your project, with enough versatility to handle everything from moving materials to digging into piles of dirt. The four-section boom provides additional strength and features an exclusive JCB U-shape design. The 510-55TC delivers high power and torque even at low revs and comes with several security features, a high-resolution screen and backlit switches. It features 109 horsepower, a max lift height of 55 feet, 9 inches and a max lift capacity of 10,000 pounds.

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