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How to Elevate Your Projects With Self-Leveling Tracked Lifts

Hyrax self-leveling tracked lifts bring innovation, enhanced safety and versatility to various industries and projects. These specialized machines adjust to stay level on uneven terrain, making them safer and easier to use. They are also classified as under CDL, so you can operate them without needing a commercial driver’s license.

The ability to efficiently operate on uneven surfaces expands the range of applications for self-leveling tracked lifts, allowing you to take on a wider variety of projects with this construction site equipment.

What Are Hyrax Self-Leveling Tracked Lifts?

Hyrax self-leveling tracked lifts are specialized machines that lift personnel and equipment to high places for specific tasks, such as trimming a tree or fixing a roof. They are unique in their ability to automatically adjust to stay level on uneven ground, making them safer and easier to operate.

This machine’s telescopic boom lift can be operated quickly and comes with a smart jib. Its toothed return wheels and extended counterparts ensure operators are stable and productive.

These tracked lifts feature a working height of 41 feet and a full 600-pound capacity in the basket, coming under CDL weight for a standard gravity tilt trailer. Since you do not need a CDL to use them, they are more accessible to more users.

What Sets Hyrax Apart in Aerial Lift Equipment and Technology?

Hyrax self-leveling tracked lifts offer take an innovative approach to boom lifts and spider lifts, such as:

  • Greater stability: Hyrax lifts feature auto-leveling up to a 15-degree slope, which adjusts the machine to remain stable on uneven surfaces. This feature reduces the risk of tipping, enhancing operator safety and promoting a safer work environment compared to boom and spider lifts, which may struggle on rough terrain.
  • Enhanced maneuverability: Additionally, the tracked design of Hyrax lifts makes it easier to operate them in smaller spaces, offering improved flexibility in confined work areas compared to traditional lifts on wheels.
  • Ease of operation: The self-leveling feature of Hyrax lifts eliminates the need for manual operation. This aspect can enhance productivity, whereas boom and spider lifts often require more skill to operate effectively.

These advantages make Hyrax aerial lifts a versatile option for various industries and projects.

Safety Features of Hyrax Lifts

The main safety feature of Hyrax lifts is their self-leveling technology, which automatically adjusts to maintain stability on uneven surfaces. This feature lets operators focus on tasks without needing to manually adjust the lift, leading to a smoother, more efficient workflow and safer operation.

Advanced safety features like stability sensors and overload protection help prevent breakdowns and costly downtime. Your operators can work with confidence, knowing the machinery can handle challenging conditions. As a result, you can minimize interruptions and improve overall productivity.

The Benefits of Hyrax Lifts for Various Industries

Hyrax self-leveling tracked lifts offer numerous advantages for a wide range of industries:

1. Productivity for Forestry and Landscaping

Hyrax lifts offer numerous benefits for forestry and landscaping applications. Because they can reach high tree branches and difficult-to-access areas, they can aid in pruning, tree trimming and maintenance tasks. They also ensure a secure platform for operators to reach high spaces. Compactness and maneuverability make Hyrax lifts an ideal solution for landscaping and tree care companies.

2. Cost-Effectiveness for Facility Management

Hyrax lifts can navigate narrow indoor spaces and confined areas, aiding in maintenance work for buildings and warehouses. With self-leveling, these machines help reduce the risk of accidents on your sites, enhancing worker safety. Efficiency and versatility contribute to quicker operations to minimize downtime and reduce overall maintenance costs.

3. Time Savings for Utilities and Telecommunications

Self-leveling lifts can contribute to greater cost savings for utilities and telecommunications companies. These machines provide safe access to utility poles, communication towers and electrical lines for installation and maintenance projects.

Their stability and self-leveling technology ensure stable working conditions in higher areas, an essential component of precise utility and telecommunication tasks. With greater efficiency, Hyrax lifts allow your company to complete projects faster and more effectively so you can take on more projects for a greater return on investment.

4. Versatility for Construction and Mining

Hyrax lifts offer exceptional performance on challenging terrains, making them ideal for construction and mining applications. The equipment can access tight spaces and rugged terrains, which is especially helpful in challenging environments. The self-leveling feature provides stability, reducing accidents and injuries on your worksites. Plus, with improved maneuverability, you can complete tasks faster and take on more projects to increase your bottom line.

FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About Hyrax Lifts

Do you have further questions about this machinery? Here are our answers to common questions we receive about Hyrax lifts:

How Does the Self-Leveling Feature Work on Hyrax Lifts?

Hyrax’s innovative self-leveling technology uses sensors and hydraulics to auto-adjust the platform’s position, keeping it level on uneven surfaces. Watch our video below which demonstrates the self-leveling capability of these lifts!

Are Self-Leveling Hyrax Lifts Suitable for Indoor Use?

Hyrax lifts are designed for indoor use. Their lightweight design, compact size and maneuverability make them ideal for indoor applications like navigating narrow passageways and installing high-level shelving, for example.

What Maintenance Is Required for Self-Leveling Hyrax Lifts?

Like any other piece of equipment, your Hyrax lift will require routine maintenance to keep it in optimal condition, including lubrication, inspection of hydraulic systems and checking safety measures are in place. It’s always a good idea to work with professional equipment manufacturers and dealers who also offer maintenance services.

At Wellbuilt Equipment, we provide timely equipment maintenance and repairs to help you get back to your projects with minimal downtime.

Can Self-Leveling Hyrax Lifts Be Operated by One Person?

Yes, most Hyrax models are designed for single-operator use, improving efficiency and reducing labor costs.

Are Self-Leveling Hyrax Lifts Suitable for Working on Sloped Surfaces?

Yes, Hyrax self-leveling platforms can operate safely on sloped surfaces up to a 15-degree incline.

Do Self-Leveling Hyrax Lifts Require Special Training to Operate?

Basic training on lift operation and safety is important for operating any kind of lift equipment. That said, the machine’s user-friendly design and self-leveling capabilities make it easy for most operators to use. Additionally, the lower weight means you do not need a CDL to operate them.