Equipter Roofing and Dump Trailers From Wellbuilt in South Chicago

One crucial aspect of roofing work is debris management, but with heights and heavy materials involved, debris removal can be challenging. As a top manufacturer in roofing debris solutions, Equipter has created numerous models of dump trailers with lift capabilities specifically designed to improve efficiency and productivity on roofing job sites. With innovative design and technology, Equipter has been making significant advancements that enhance the speed and efficiency of roofing projects.

At Wellbuilt Equipment Inc., we offer rental Equipter lift trailers for debris management equipment you can count on. We are also a certified service provider for these capable machines.

The Roofing Industry and Dump Trailers

Proper debris management is essential for any roofing project. With Equipter’s lifting and dumping capabilities, heavy loads can be transported at elevated heights with reliability and precision.

Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. is dedicated to serving customers in every field, so we’ve added Equipter lifts to our rental fleet to support the roofing industry. Our inventory is constantly expanding, so give us a call to inquire about the roofing Equipters for rent we have available. Models currently on the market include:

  • Equipter RB4000: This roofing trailer boasts a 12-foot lift, 4,000-pound weight capacity and a 4-foot roll-back feature to maneuver the receptacle over obstacles. This model is designed to cut cleanup time by 80% and increase work site efficiency.
  • Equipter RB3000: This dump trailer is self-propelled with a 4,740-pound capacity. It decreases labor hours, reduces physical strain on roofers and offers enhanced maneuverability.
  • Equipter RB2500: This portable dump container is lightweight and features a 7-foot lift and a 2,500-pound capacity. Boasting nine horsepower, it allows you to haul debris, tools and roofing materials across different terrains, including lawns and sidewalks.
  • Equipter RB2000: This portable dumpster features an extremely compact container that can hold up to 1,500 pounds. It can access areas as narrow as 3 feet and includes a 7-foot lift.

The Benefits of Dump Trailers on the Job Site

Thanks to their innovative design and features, Equipter dump trailers can bring many advantages to your job site, including:

  • Increased efficiency: All Equipter dump lifts are designed to improve work site efficiency by at least 25%.
  • Reduced cleanup: Equipter owners report significantly reduced cleanup times that result in both time and cost savings.
  • Attract and retain a quality team of roofers: Equipter dump trailers reduce hard labor on roofers, which makes your company more appealing to workers when labor markets are tight.
  • Customer satisfaction: Home and business owners love that Equipter equipment keeps their property clean and damage-free.
  • Maximize profits: By completing more jobs, attracting quality roofers and boosting customer satisfaction, Equipter rentals and purchases help take your business to new levels of success.

Equipter Equipment Repair and Maintenance

Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. is a certified service provider for Equipter machines. If you encounter any mechanical issues with your Equipter trailers, our highly trained technicians can provide the vital services you need. Whether your equipment requires urgent repair or preventative maintenance, we will have your machine operating at peak performance in no time.

Contact Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. for Equipter Service or Rental

If you are looking for an Equipter rental or need a repair or maintenance service for your roofing lift trailer, contact Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. today. As a rental supplier and service provider for Equipter lifts, we can help you find just the right equipment for your roofing project.