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CMC Arbo Pro Tracked Lifts and Equipment

The arborist industry requires simple solutions for difficult-to-access areas. With CMC compact tracked lifts, you can complete work faster while keeping workers safe. These aerial lifts have a rugged and easy-to-use design that makes operation simple with single-handed controls. You can also trust its heavy-duty components to deliver a long and reliable life that also helps your bottom line.

Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. understands arborists’ needs for safety and efficiency, which is why we have a wide selection of CMC lifts for sale. CMC, based in Bari, Italy, is a well-known aerial lift manufacturer focused on both truck-mounted and self-propelled units. Combining rugged design with industry-leading aerial lift technology, CMC creates lifts focused on the operator. This means you can take advantage of a more affordable aerial unit that’s easy to operate and increases your ROI.

When you choose Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. for your aerial lifts, you’re choosing a partner who wants to see you succeed. With new Compact Tracked Lifts and rental options, we’re your one-stop-shop for everything you need to succeed at your job site.

Compact Tracked Lift Overview

Compact Tracked Lifts, or better known as “Spider Lifts”, are incredibly versatile lifts for arborists. They come in working heights from 49 feet up to 135 feet to meet a variety of applications. With easy controls, you can quickly get a compact tracked lift to the exact position you need it, while some models are narrow enough to fit through a standard doorway or gate. Most people think of Spider Lifts for tree trimming, but they are also important in facility maintenance, construction and more.

Other advantages of spider lifts include:

  • Flexible movement around obstacles
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Versatile and able to operate in difficult-to-access areas
  • Battery-powered options for work inside buildings
  • Large carrying capacity of 176 to 500 pounds
  • Can operate on steeper terrain
  • Can work in almost any temperature

Arborist Industry Uses and Applications for Spider Lifts

Compact Tracked Lifts, or Spider Lifts, allow arborists to complete work that would otherwise be unsafe or cost-prohibitive when using ladders or traditional tree-cutting machines such as boom lifts. An industry-leading tracked lift such as the Arbor Pro can reach trees growing in confined spaces, such as ash trees. This facilitates work on trees that would otherwise be difficult to get to or dangerous due to structural weakness.

Arborists frequently have to work on individuals’ properties where they may not be able to fit a boom lift through a gate. Compact Tracked Lifts are compact, which helps them fit down most sidewalks and through gates. They also move on tracks instead of wheels, which protects lawns, especially after rain. Finally, they eliminate the worry of crossing property lines, as they let arborists work smarter and reduce the time it takes to cut down and drag branches and limbs.

Compact Tracked Lift Repair and Maintenance

If you’re looking for a company that can reliably service your fleet, you can count on Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. We have a special training partnership that ensures our technicians undergo tens of thousands of hours repairing and maintaining Compact Tracked Lifts. Instead of experiencing costly downtime, you can count on our team to help you get back to work quickly after a Compact Tracked Lift stops working. Or, you may avoid costly repairs altogether by investing in preventative maintenance.

Our complete services include:

  • ReconditioningBring older pieces of equipment back to life with a partial or complete recondition. The extensive process ensures your equipment goes back to the manufacturer’s original specifications.
  • Welding and fabrication: Wellbuilt Equipment’s welding and fabrication department can take care of your heavy equipment metalwork repairs, from broken bolts to damaged metal components.
  • Preventative maintenanceInvesting in fluid and filter changes, greasing components, and more will help your equipment run in top condition and last for years.
  • InspectionsInspections every quarter or year are important to maintaining the safety of your equipment. We’ll handle your inspections according to the manufacturer’s specifications and ANSI/SIA STD A92.6, Section 6.3.
  • TransportationYour equipment needs to get to the job site instead of just sitting in a warehouse. Our transportation services are available for truckload, less than a truckload, or flat-rate round trips.
  • StorageWhen you decide to buy equipment, you need a place to store it. We’ll take care of your equipment ownership needs with our two storage warehouses totaling over 25,000 square feet.

CMC Arbor Pro

Our CMC spider lifts for sale include the CMC Arbor Pro, which is the most popular type of Compact Tracked lift. The Arbor Pro offers a variety of unmatched benefits, including:

  • Faster work: The CMC Arbor Pro has a new turbo hydraulics system that allows you to operate multiple booms simultaneously for faster work.
  • Greater safety: This arborist tracked lift for sale has top safety technology for operator comfort and protection.
  • Better reliability: CMC manufactures the Arbor Pro to perform the same day in and day out.
  • Unmatched versatility: Arborists aren’t the only ones who can take advantage of the CMC Arbor Pro. Workers in many industries will like its compact size, impressive height and side reach.

At Wellbuilt Equipment Inc., we can help you find the right compact tracked lift for sale or compact tracked lift rental for your needs. Our large inventory ensures we can help you get back to work fast, whether you need a short-term rental for a new client or a used model to add to your fleet. Our goal is to help you find a solution for everything you face at the job site each day, and we’ll work within your budget to help you maximize efficiency and safety.

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Whenever you decide to purchase a new CMC lift, or you want a rental to try before you buy, trust the experts at Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. We’re proud to serve the Chicago community as well as a variety of industries, including arborists. Contact us today for more information about our CMC compact tracked lifts for sale or browse our inventory.