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Cela Spyder Lift Maintenance From Wellbuilt Equipment Inc.

At Wellbuilt Equipment Inc., we’ve been supplying companies throughout Chicago, IL, and the surrounding areas with high-quality lift equipment for over 30 years. We offer a full lineup of products from top manufacturers that give our customers productive, safe and economical solutions.

As a family-owned and -operated company, we will provide prompt, reliable repair and maintenance service, even for brands we don’t sell. One example is the line of Cela Spyder Lift aerial work platforms.

About Cela and Spyder Lifts

Cela Industry is an Italian manufacturer that’s been building superior industrial machinery since the 1930s and has over 40 years of aerial lift equipment design and manufacturing expertise. You’ll find Cela products in nearly 50 countries, including the USA.

Cela’s Spyder-Crawler AWP boom lifts are compact tracked lifts for tree trimming. They work in hard-to-reach areas around larger buildings and similar applications. Cela manufactures Spyder Lifts in numerous lift and work height capacities and reach distances to accommodate a broad range of projects. All models provide exceptional flexibility and stability, ensuring consistent results and maximum safety.

Our Cela Spyder Lift Maintenance and Repair Services

Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. has the knowledge, resources and highly skilled personnel to keep your Cela aerial lift equipment in peak operating condition and extend its life span:

  • Preventative maintenance: Regularly scheduled service is the best way to keep your Cela equipment running smoothly and prevent unexpected breakdowns. We can perform oil changes, hydraulic system flushing, steer sensor calibrations and other routine tasks that will reduce your long-term operating and ownership costs and give you peace of mind.
  • Welding/fabrication: Many aerial work platform parts and components require metalworking for repair purposes. We have the facilities and equipment to handle welding and fabrication-related repairs for railings, baskets, scissor links, spindles, hydraulic cylinders and much more. We have experience with simple and more complex tasks.
  • Reconditioning/refurbishing: If you own an older Cela Spyder Lift product, we can perform a complete rebuild that will have it working like new. You’ll get a more productive machine that adds value to your business without bearing the cost of a brand-new or slightly used model.

Comprehensive Inspection Services Are Available

Aerial work platform safety is crucial to protect your workers and maintain compliance with industry regulations. Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. can provide quarterly and annual inspection services to help you meet Cela recommendations and all applicable ANSI/SIA requirements. Timely inspections can also inform you if your equipment might need repairing or replacing.

Learn More About Our Cela Spyder Lift Maintenance and Repair Services

Our conveniently located shop in Crete, IL, is ready to serve your Cela Spyder Lift equipment. If you need to transport your machines between job sites, we can get them where they need to be on your timetable.

To get information about our maintenance and repair services or schedule an appointment, call us at 1-800-833-3748 today. You can also fill out and submit our online contact form.