Cast Wheel Loaders

When you’re working in construction or landscaping, you need reliable and versatile machines that can rise to any workplace challenge. For more than two decades, Cast has worked with experienced technicians and designers to produce a line of lightweight and versatile mini-loaders. Cast equipment prioritizes safety, innovation, reliability and multifunctionality in all of their designs.

Wellbuilt is a certified dealer of Cast equipment in the American Midwest. Our partnership with Top Notch Equipment allows us to sell, rent and comprehensively service Cast loaders. We’re excited to call Cast one of our newest partners, and we’re dedicated to providing you comprehensive rental, purchase and repair services for their capable machines.

CastLoader Models Available Through Wellbuilt

Cast provides loader equipment that works with many different attachments so you can move, level, scale and plow the earth with the same durable piece of machinery. CastLoader, the Cast Wheel Loader Series, offers versatile articulated loaders that are compact, durable and packed with innovative technology. Since a CastLoader works with a wide variety of attachments, these machines are a worthwhile investment.

At Wellbuilt, we offer the cab-forward and cab-rear models of the CastLoader series. We specialize in the CastLoader 30 Series and the CastLoader 800 Series.

CastLoader 30 Series

The CastLoader 30 Series is a forward-cab loader essential for landscaping, agriculture and construction jobs. Available in multiple configurations for varying workloads, the heart of the 30 Series is a compact and durable machine measuring less than 4 feet in width and just under 6.5 feet tall. With dimensions like that, these loaders can fit into narrow job sites and boast maximum transportability. The loader is available with a “Carbon-Look” finish that enhances the machine’s sporty and aggressive design and resists environmental elements.

From its design to its specs, the CastLoader 30 Series is maximized for durability and ergonomics. The CastLoader 30 Series uses a Rigid Pipe System (RPS) for hydraulic piping distribution, which allows for extraordinary resistance against wear and tear. Each hydraulic system is configured with easy maintenance in mind and is quickly accessible. If desired, you can add hydraulic flow dividers that work simultaneously with the front and rear equipment. With a double-pump hydraulic system, 30 Series CastLoaders boast some of the best performance in their class.

The cab of each loader comes with an electronic display system that provides insight into the machine’s engine, hydraulic oil gauge and electric floating system. You can control a CastLoader 30 with an ergonomic joystick that makes it easy to use all day long. For year-round operation, 30 Series CastLoaders are available with an insulated and heated cabin to keep the operator warm in all conditions.

The versatile CastLoader 30 is compatible with a wide range of accessories built to rise to the demands of the agricultural, construction, farming, forestry and garden sectors.

CastLoader 800 Series

The CastLoader 800 Series is a compact rear-cab loader system powerful enough to handle demanding jobs yet light enough to work on almost any surface without damaging it. The 800 Series was designed with a low center of gravity to offer maximum stability and give the operator a good range of maneuverability and visibility.

The three models in the 800 Series use liquid-cooled diesel engines with hydrostatic transmissions for speed and efficiency on the job site. The core machine is equipped with an electric differential lock and a silent block. All of the internal components are designed to be easily serviceable and are housed underneath a metal hood. These machines provide an impressive boom height of nearly 10 feet for maximum versatility.

The 800 Series is steered by a five-or 10-function ergonomic joystick depending on the model, and features an adjustable seat so your operators can work comfortably throughout long days. To keep your operation going strong even in the colder months, the CastLoader 800 Series models are available with heated cabins. To increase operator safety, you can order a custom 800 Series with added safety gates.

With the proper attachments, the CastLoader 800 is perfect for agriculture, farming, forestry and gardening.

Repair and Maintenance Services

Wellbuilt Equipment is here to help you get your Cast equipment back up and running when the unexpected occurs. We’ve been repairing equipment since 1987 and have an in-depth understanding of how to get machines running smoothly again. In addition to our repair services, we offer preventative maintenance services that will improve the life span of your equipment and keep it healthy for years to come.

If you have an older piece of equipment you want to bring back to life, Wellbuilt offers reconditioning services that will restore your older equipment to the functionality of a machine fresh off the factory floor.

Benefits and Uses for Cast Loaders

Cast Group loaders are versatile machines with a wide range of applications and uses. When you invest in a CastLoader, you’re investing in a machine that can transform to meet your needs with its range of cost-effective Cast attachments, including:

  • Angled buckets
  • Bale clamps
  • Four-in-one buckets (available with forged teeth)
  • High-volume buckets
  • Grappling bucket
  • Low-volume buckets
  • Manure forks
  • Pallet forks
  • Professional snow plows
  • Round bale fork
  • Salt/Sand spreaders
  • Sand buckets (available with forged teeth)
  • And many more

These attachments make Cast loaders ideal for landscaping, agriculture, nurseries and small construction sites. When you’re landscaping, the CastLoader accommodates the high-volume buckets, pallet forks and plows you need. Cast also makes a series of attachments for the agricultural sector, including bale clamps, manure forks and round bale forks. A Cast loader can even be used for municipal tasks such as snow plowing and salt spreading.

CastLoader Models for Sale From Wellbuilt Equipment

Wellbuilt Equipment has been providing our customers with comprehensive rental, buying and repair services since 1987. Whether you’re ready to invest in a CastLoader for your business or need to rent one for a day, we have you covered. Contact us today to learn more information about our Cast loader selection as well as the other brands we rent, sell and service.