Illinois Arborist Association

September 21, 2022

The Illinois Arborist Association (IAA) is a nonprofit organization that educates its members about tree care. The association supports the education, research, networking and training of its dedicated members, which include climbers, ground workers, equipment operators, researchers, trainers, teachers, students, managers and more.

IAA is a chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The IAA links arborist professionals and those pursuing arboriculture careers to a statewide partnership of people and programs that can help.

At Wellbuilt Equipment, we understand the role of arboriculture and its importance in preserving the environment. We wholeheartedly support the IAA and its objectives by featuring a series of aerial spider lifts that makes an arborist’s job safer and more efficient.

Professional Practice of Aboriculture and Tree Biology

Arborists study how trees grow and react to their environments and the appropriate techniques required to cultivate them. The science of arboriculture involves putting those techniques into practice by selecting the types of trees to plant, applying fertilizer, spraying pesticides, bracing and cabling, diagnosing tree ailments, pruning and performing tree removal as needed.

Illinois Arborist Association Events

The IAA hosts an extensive lineup of events, including classes and seminars for specific certifications related to arboriculture. Among the events calendar are the Illinois Tree Climbing Championship in May and the annual conference and trade show in November. Other events include the following:

  • IAA Summer Conferences
  • Student events
  • Advanced arborist training programs
  • ISA-certified arborist programs
  • Annual days of service
  • NEMF and NWMF meetings
  • Annual golf outings
  • TreeBiz social events

How Wellbuilt Equipment Helps Arborists

When you choose Wellbuilt Equipment as your aerial lift partner, you’re teaming up with a company familiar with arboriculture. Our new and rental spider lifts allow arborists to perform tasks that might be unsafe when using other equipment like ladders or boom lifts. Spider lifts also move on tracks instead of wheels to add extra ground protection, specifically for wet lawns.

In addition, these lifts are compact, allowing them to move down sidewalks and fit through gates without the need of crossing property lines.

We offer arborists solutions for difficult-to-access areas that other equipment companies cannot provide. Our compact tracked lifts allow you to perform jobs faster while keeping employees safe. These durable aerial lifts have easy-to-use designs, offering smooth operation for jobs requiring elevations up to 135 feet. You can also depend on their heavy-duty components to deliver a long life span.

Some of the specific brands of spider lifts we feature include:

  • CTE: CTE originated in Italy in 1981 and has become a premier spider lift manufacturer known worldwide. Wellbuilt’s inventory includes the TRACCESS 230 lift, the perfect machine for hard-to-reach spaces at variable heights. This durable lift will provide many hours of reliable service in demanding work conditions.
  • Palazzani: With over 85 years of manufacturing experience, Palazzani is a global leader for spider lifts across various industrial sectors. Palazzani’s spider lifts offer more flexibility in demanding environments and can reach greater heights than many other models. They’re also easy to transport and use in confined spaces because of their compact size.
  • CMC: Wellbuilt Equipment’s new and rental spider lift inventory includes the CMC Arbor Pro, one of the most popular compact tracked lifts. The Arbor Pro offers a variety of unmatched benefits, including a turbo hydraulics system that operates multiple booms simultaneously and innovative safety technology for enhanced operator protection and comfort.

Wellbuilt is proud to offer the most comprehensive spider lift repair and maintenance services in the greater Chicago area. In addition to servicing CTE, Palanazi and CMC equipment, we can cover all your needs for other models like Easy Lift, Platform Basket and OMME. Our highly skilled technicians have more than 100 years of combined experience to keep your equipment running in peak condition.

We also provide comprehensive aerial lift inspections to meet all the necessary ANSI and OSHA compliances and regulations.

How to Donate to the Illinois Arborist Association

If you love trees and want to help the IAA’s endeavors, consider donating today. You can also learn more about how planting trees can fight global issues at the Arbor Day Foundation.

Contact Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. for more information about how our new or rental spider lifts can benefit your specific operation.