Our Special Partnerships

Special Partnerships With Dealers and Manufacturers


At Wellbuilt Equipment Inc., we have special partnerships with several leading dealers and manufacturers in the aerial lift industry. These partnerships allow us to maintain a vast inventory of aerial equipment for all kinds of projects, ranging from roofing industry lifts to those used in construction, tree trimming and much more. Whether you need industrial boom lifts, industrial scissor lifts or a roofing supply lift, we have an extensive selection of equipment options.

Each of the dealers and manufacturers we partner with offers the best equipment available for the high-quality performance you can count on to help you complete your job successfully. Through these partnerships, we are also able to offer you better pricing on equipment, and we can also provide any repair or maintenance services you may need.

Genie Industries

Since the start of Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. in 1987, we have partnered with Genie Industries. Genie industrial lifts are high-quality, designed for durability and offer proven reliability for enhanced productivity and safety at your job site. With more than 50 years as a top manufacturer in this industry, Genie has set the standard for aerial lifts.

At Wellbuilt Equipment Inc., we carry hundreds of Genie boom lifts, scissor lifts, material lifts and telehandlers. Our fleet of Genie industrial lifts includes new, used and rental options. We also offer reconditioning services as an alternative to purchasing a new machine. Through our partnership with Genie, we are able to provide our customers with premium Genie lifts at affordable prices.

And as a certified dealer and official service provider of Genie Industries, we also have the repair and maintenance services you need for your Genie equipment. Our technicians have a great deal of experience working with Genie lifts and can accurately identify and resolve any issues you may encounter with these machines.


Innovativ Hoisting

Through our exclusive partnership with Innovativ Hoisting, we can offer our customers specialized Bocker incline hoists. This partnership makes us the only official dealer and service provider for Innovativ Hoisting in the Midwest, so you can’t get Bocker equipment anywhere else in the heart of America.

For more than 60 years, Bocker has been creating advanced solutions when it comes to roofing industry lifts and scaffolding lifts. Their line of incline hoists is their latest innovation and offers many practical applications for our customers.

Bocker incline hoists are unique, versatile machines designed to move heavy loads at great heights with unmatched accuracy. They are built with premium components and available with many material- and site-specific features such as solar panel lift capability and rubble buckets. Bocker lifts can also be equipped with a knee joint feature for pitched roofs and special platforms to make transporting various materials easier.



CTE North America

Wellbuilt Equipment is also proud to have a special partnership with the European spider lift manufacturer CTE. CTE has over 40 years of experience building safe and durable solutions for working at elevated heights. The company has sold more than 10,000 of its CTE access platforms globally.

Wellbuilt Equipment has CTE Traccess lifts for sale. The signature CTE Traccess 230 is a performance vehicle with a high capacity and the most compact design in its class. This lift can reach up to 75 feet and carry up to 440 pounds. The vehicle has 360 degrees of rotation and is narrow enough to fit through a conventional doorway.

There is also the option to switch fuel types since the machine takes gas, diesel or battery power. Users can swap out the cage for a 551-pound winch to get tough jobs done right. A larger model like the Traccess 270-88 has even more power, with a lift reaching up to 88 feet and a 507-pound platform capacity.

Top Notch Equipment Partnership Info

Wellbuilt Equipment is a certified seller, renter and servicer of Cast loaders through Top Notch Equipment. We are the exclusive distributor of Top Notch Equipment’s Cast loaders in the American Midwest. Located in Mirano, Italy, the Cast Group specializes in designing articulated mini-loaders that are custom-built to endure extreme environments. When you invest in Cast Group equipment and machinery, you can be sure that you’re receiving equipment with maximum quality, competency and reliability.

Cast Mini-Loaders From Wellbuilt Equipment

The Cast Group is the only articulated mini-loader group in the United States that offers cab-forward and cab-rear models of loaders. Whether you’re working in agriculture, construction, landscaping or municipal works, Cast articulated loaders can get the job done. Cast Group is primarily known for its reliable multipurpose CastLoaders 30 Series and CastLoaders 800 Series, which are lightweight and versatile mini-loaders that work with a variety of attachments.

The CastLoader 30 Series is a cab-forward version of an articulated loader that makes sure your frame of reference is always squared up with the load you are moving. The CastLoader 800 series is a cab-rear version of their loader with front forks that pivot while the cab stays put at your set orientation. Both models have four-wheel drive and maximum torque and grip.


Wellbuilt Equipment is proud to partner with JCB to offer Industrial Forklifts for sale, rental and servicing. In the late 1970s, JCB worked to create a forklift with a telescopic boom which offers better forward reach, capacity and money savings over the conventional vertical mast lift options.

JCB started its journey by offering agricultural tipping trailers and now they’re in 22 plants across four continents with 750 dealers (including Wellbuilt). JCB is an innovative company that is always looking towards the future and we’re proud to partner with them.


Trash Rockets

Trash Rockets offer an innovative solution over conventional garbage/debris chutes. These machines are specifically designed to shoot roofing debris and construction garbage away from a building’s exterior which is the scenario for normal debris chutes. This protects a building’s surrounding architecture and landscaping from being damaged by roofing and construction materials.

Wellbuilt is proud to offer Trash Rockets for purchase and rental along with servicing their machines in the Midwest and surrounding areas. Contact us to learn more!

Tracked Lifts

Tracked Lifts is an innovative and reliable brand for arborist aerial tracked lifts.  They aim to be the leader in safe and reliable equipment which is versatile for the arborist industry. Tracked Lifts partners with Ommelift and Platform Basket to provide strong chassis and base lift construction. Wellbuilt has partnered with Tracked Lifts to provide service and support across the midwest due to our advanced arborist lift experience and expertise.

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Whether you’re looking for roofing industry lifts, industrial boom lifts, industrial lifts for tree trimmers or other aerial lift options, Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. has a large inventory of high-quality products from top manufacturers. Through our special partnerships with Genie Industries, All Access Equipment, Innovativ Hoisting and Equipter, we are able to offer our customers top-of-the-line, technologically advanced equipment options that you won’t find anywhere else.

We also provide repair and maintenance services to keep your machine running efficiently. At Wellbuilt Equipment Inc., we know that properly serviced machines are key to increasing work site productivity and safety. With our range of products and services, you can rest assured that you will find the perfect piece of equipment for whatever your project requirements may be, and you will receive the support services you need to keep it in top condition.

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