The Benefits and Uses of the CTE 230-75 Spider Lift

October 24, 2022

When searching for a new spider lift, the CTE 230-75 can greatly assist contractors and organizations. We’ve outlined this equipment’s functions, benefits and safety procedures, so you can determine if it is right for you.

The CTE 230 Overview

The CTE 230 is a powerful spider lift that increases stability and specializes in reaching hard-to-access locations. The extendable platform can reach over 75 feet in height, and the telescopic boom has a 39-foot outreach, helping your teams work on ceilings, roofs and other elevated systems. The 320° rotation offers more control to operators, allowing them to maneuver as they need to reach every aspect of your job site.

This spider lift can hold around 440 pounds, enabling your operators to bring all necessary tools while working. You can extend the tracks’ width to match your functionality and increase stability on your job sites. With hydraulic and electric power, the CTE 230-75 is a significant asset to all industries.

Spider Lift Benefits

When looking for the best solutions and equipment, telescopic boom and spiders lifts can offer several benefits to users, including:

  • Stability: CTE lifts can navigate uneven terrains, making them ideal for outdoor applications. Their stability ensures operator safety while protecting the equipment’s functional integrity.
  • Efficiency and flexibility: Because this equipment has so many applications, your teams can devote more time to projects by carrying out several functions with one tool.
  • Reach: The telescopic boom’s increased reach and rotation capabilities make it possible for you to work in more hard-to-access places. You can provide more comprehensive care at your job sites by accessing all areas.
  • Safety: The CTE’s various safety features and procedures allow you to protect your operators better. These processes offer increased control and a higher understanding of how your tools work.
  • Compact and lightweight: The CTE spider lift is compact and lightweight, so it can navigate tighter spaces and take up less room. This option increases its functionality and helps reduce the impact on facility owners and public spaces while working. Its lightweight design enables functions indoors without damaging floors.

When investing in a CTE lift, understanding the benefits can help you decide if this model suits you and your applications.

Common Industry Uses of Spider Lifts

CTE spider lifts are versatile and innovative technical solutions, so several industries can use them. They function well in indoor and outdoor settings because of their lightweight and compact capacities, and their increased stability and strong tracks allow them to transverse uneven ground. Some standard applications include:

  • Construction: Many construction and contractor teams integrate CTE lifts into their operations because they are versatile. Whether your company is working on residential or industrial projects, spider lifts can offer the reach and stability needed for several applications, from roof installations to bridge repairs. Because they are compact, construction companies can use them in neighborhoods and cities without occupying too much space.
  • Installations: When installing HVAC systems or fire prevention equipment, spider lifts can help you reach high ceilings and access points, like shopping malls or warehouses. Their stability allows you to operate carefully, so you can access your electrical system or air ducts.
  • Maintenance: After installing equipment, your CTE lifts can also help maintain their quality and functionality. Their extended reach helps maintenance teams access HVAC ducts to fix problems and run tests. You can also use spider lifts to access many other systems, from electrical and telephone wires on telephone poles to wind turbines.
  • Cleaning: Many buildings have particular aesthetic standards they like to maintain. CTE spider lifts can help facilities and cleaning teams reach high glass windows or corners. The compact, lightweight capabilities of this equipment prevents floor damage. You can also use this option when painting walls or ceilings for increased control over your building’s visual elements and appeal. Exterior applications can help buildings and homes clear gutters and clean roofs.
  • Landscaping: CTE lifts are great at clearing tree branches. Because they can navigate uneven terrains, your landscaping teams can easily access trees for more steady jobs. Whether clients want to eliminate dead branches or trim unruly trees, spider lifts allow your team to deliver.

With so many more applications, the CTE spider lifts can adapt to many needs, making them excellent tools for businesses to purchase and rent.

CTE Built to Last With Unparalleled Industry Safety

The CTE 360 is durable, making it an excellent investment for many industries and companies. Its safety features add to its longevity and life span, ensuring you can continually depend on your spider lift. The equipment’s remote gives the operator extensive functionality and safety procedures, so they can maintain control even when in the basket.

The features allow you to use multiple functions simultaneously while keeping the same speed and security. The CTE functions with diesel and electric power, and you can switch between the two to match your location for optimal safety.

For more information on how to operate a CTE 360, check out our operation walkthrough and start-up procedure demonstration.

Emergency Control Ease of Use

The CTE 360-75 offers extensive emergency controls, allowing your operators and teams to control rigging configurations and movement from the ground. These functions can help your equipment maneuver indoor and outdoor terrains to fit in tight spaces and safely navigate job sites.

You can find the emergency controls on a panel on the side of the equipment at ground level for best access. It includes a diagram beside it to remind operators how each component needs to move for proper practices and procedures when using these controls. Your operators can carry out each operation with just knobs and buttons for simple functions that are easy to control and manipulate.

You can watch how to engage the emergency controls with a walkthrough from one of our experts.


Emergency Track Controls

The emergency track controls allow you to expand and retract your tracks for increased width control and functionality.

Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. also offers instructional videos on other emergency controls, including:

Emergency Outrigger Controls

The emergency outrigger controls enable operators to move the outriggers up and down.

Emergency Swing Outrigger Controls

This video explains more about how to move your outriggers. The emergency swing outrigger controls expand and retract the arms, moving them farther or closer to the machine.

Invest in CTE Lifts With Wellbuilt Equipment Inc.

Learning about CTE lifts and their benefits can help businesses and contractors understand if this equipment is a suitable fit for your operations. Because of its heightened safety features and applications, the CTE 230-75 can positively impact your job site operations.

Wellbuilt Equipment Inc. sells and rents quality machinery and parts to companies and contractors across industries. Our quality customer service team helps match customers with the equipment that will best serve them from our extensive inventory. Free on-site estimates and a simple invoicing process help you focus on your daily operations.

Explore our selection of new and used CTE 230 spider lifts from Wellbuilt Equipment Inc., or contact us today to discover how they can transform your job site.

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